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Cats can hug, too!

When I check my YouTube homepage, there’s always the “Things we think you’ll like, based on what you’ve watched before” waiting for you. Most of the time I scroll down to my subscriptions to see if there’s anything interesting, but … Continue reading

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Why I Love My Adopted Shelter Pets (and why the Seattle Humane Society is a wonderful place)

Last February, my wife and I decided to get cats. We hummed and hawed for quite a long time before we decided that two would be how many would be ideal for us (neither of us has had a pet … Continue reading

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Maru strikes again!

I love Maru. Even when he’s doing nothing in particular, I still like to watch him.

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Cat Evolution

Wow! First Jerry Coyne’s blog post on domestic cat genetics, and then before bed I run across Aron Ra’s YouTube video on cat evolution. We’ve been thinking about getting a couple of kittens, so I suppose this is a sign … Continue reading

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