The Claude Giroux-adjusted statistics

I stumbled upon a clever analysis of player production comparing Eric Staal to (who was at the time of posting) the current assists leader in the NHL, Claude Giroux, by user bandwagon cole canes (bcc) on the Hockey’s Future forums. It’s an interesting take on player production, and kudos to bcc for taking the time to figure out and post the data.

While I take the analysis to be tongue-in-cheek (and ‘Claude Giroux-adjusted’ is simply brilliant), it did make me think about how a great player makes those around him greater.

If we look at Staal’s assists and know a little about the season he’s had, I think Kirk Muller has had him playing with everyone on the team in an attempt to kick-start his season. I like to think I have well-above-average hockey knowledge, but even I don’t know who a good half-dozen of those players he’s dished off to are. If he was having a full season as good as his last half has been, the ‘Canes would be in the playoff picture, and his CG-adjusted statistics would fall much closer to the mean.

Please, if you haven’t already, click on the first link above which will take you to the original post. It’s well worth the read (and try to parse the numbers in your head!) and should make you smile.

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2 Responses to The Claude Giroux-adjusted statistics

  1. hi says:

    while it’s funny, it’s a ridiculously stupid idea.. I fail to see how Claude Giroux should be punished for his linemates scoring lots of goals, particularly when it’s very often because of Giroux that they are doing so…

    • eryops says:

      I completely agree. If Eric Staal was having a career year, his linemates wouldn’t have been shuffling around all season, and his increased productivity would have led to similar numbers to Giroux’s. I don’t see how this is ‘punishing’ Giroux, though, as the OP in the original thread had done all of his work and Sedin had passed him in assists while he was composing his post. It would have been a huge pain to go and crunch the numbers for another player, but if he had started his analysis a few days later, we would have had the Henrik Sedin-adjusted statistics, and I would have had a ton of ‘Nuck fans weighing in here.

      I still give props for someone to go through the numbers and come up with something fun. There’s no real practical application but a pseudo-thought exercise.

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