Dave Mustaine – from Hypochristian to Third Place

Everyone should remember back in 2005 when Dave Mustaine refused to play in Greece on any dates with Rotting Christ, citing his Christian sensibilities, right?

Well, fast-forward to 2011 and guess who Megadeth has been playing with this year? Slayer? Those guys who wrote the albums Diabolica in musica and God Hates us All? Dave, you must have donated all your money to your church! Or maybe Rotting Christ doesn’t draw the same crowds as Metallica will, eh buddy?

And now I need to shake my head that Megadeth will be sharing the stage (playing third fiddle to) Disturbed and Godsmack. I gave Dave lots of integrity points for his Gigantour, but I guess Megadeth isn’t big enough to headline such a tour. Or maybe his selective choosing of the bands didn’t fill he stadiums he booked (I don’t fault you on that one).

Oh Megadeth! I used to love you in high school, but somewhere along the way, our tastes in music diverged… it happens! But Dave, you have gotten weird and selective in your Christianity (but that’s what Christianity is all about), and that makes you suck. Plus the Mayham Festival thing.

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